The Mystical Ear's Audio Laboratory

Welcome to my corner of the internet.
This site documents some of what I have come to understand about the design of audio circuits, and their effects upon the quality of sound, along with some of my amplifiers, to give some background.


A retrospective look at my designs....
Simple single ended transistor amplifier
A text book class B amplifier
2W single ended current source transistor amp
8W class AB valve push pull
A very clean sounding 3W SE hybrid amp
6 valve preamp
An active interconnect
Another active interconnect
A more commercial class B transistor amp,
with better measured performance!
And more power!
1MHz Class a 10 watt amplifier

some other projects:

Class A transformer coupled Mosfet - Valve hybrid amp
What I did to my T-amp
Solid state guitar amp with current source output
My gain clone

I love my Luxman ...


Single ended v push pull
amplifier design
The problem with good stuff


Goodmans Magister

Stuff they don't tell you in text books:

Enter the inner sanctum

About me. Disclaimers. Etc.


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